Goal Setting Made Simple

Setting goals is not hard, the challenge comes when the goal seems insurmountable. But if you break the goal down into bite sized chunks and hold yourself accountable then you can achieve anything.

  1. Decide on the goal
  2. Put a date on it
  3. Plan it backwards

ASK your sponsor for some help and guidance on this if you have not done it before.

Goal Setting (part 1)

Plan Backwards

  1. Decide what you want to achieve at the end of the period
  2. Break it down into 4 Weekly Goals
  3. Plan each week into Daily To Do Lists
  4. Attack each day and complete your To Do List
  5. Before you go to bed adjust the next to do list.

Goal setting (part 2)

Being Accountable

Your sponsor will not only coach you on setting goals, but will also arrange a weekly coaching session to review your progress.

Being accountable is a great way for you to progress and achieve your goals.

Goal Setting (part 3)